Fall Newsletter

Message from the President:

As the sun sets on yet another summer, I would like to welcome all of our schools, student athletes, and coaches back for what is sure to be another successful fall athletic season here in Passaic County.
The sights and sounds of games, meets, and matches are all around us, and I am confident that Passaic County will shine like a bright star in Northern New Jersey. As we progress throughout this season, the Executive Committee would like to remind everyone that the ideals of good sportsmanship are the primary purpose of interscholastic athletics. We wish you each the best of luck in your league, county, and state contests. Give your all, conduct yourself with pride, and represent all the positive attributes for which Passaic County athletics stand. 
Good wishes this season,

Colleen Moyle

Athletic Director of the Year:
Congratulations to Art Mazzacca of Hawthorne High School. He has been selected Athletic Director of the Year for 2014-2015. Art has been Athletic Director for 4 years. He is active in the NJIC as chairperson for volleyball and golf. He also is also a member of the Realignment and Facility Committees and is the NJIC representative on the NJSIAA Football Playoff Committee. He and his wife, Laura have their hands full with 3 little boys at home. Congratulations to Art and thanks to him for all your hard work and best wishes for continued success.

Coach of the Year:
Congratulations to the County Coach of the Year, Gus Schell of Hawthorne HS. Gus has been the Girls’ Track and Field Coach for 16 years with an accumulated record of 111 wins and 34 losses. This past year, the team had a record of 8-1 and won the County Relays. Gus has also successfully coached the Girls’ Soccer team for the last 30 years. Congratulations, again, to Gus for his dedication and accomplishments, and best wishes for continued success.

Spring Coaches of the Year:
  Baseball – Jeff Hoover, Wayne Valley HS
Golf – Marc Dubois, Wayne Hills HS
Lacrosse (Boys) – Joe Levine, DePaul HS
Lacrosse (Girls) – Katie Kraft, Wayne Valley HS
Softball – Michelle Wlosek, Wayne Valley HS
Tennis (Boys) – Bruce Keogh, Wayne Hills HS
Track (Boys) – Dean Campiglia, Passaic County Technical Institute 
Track (Girls) – Jeff Cioletti, Passaic County Technical Institute
Volleyball (Boys) – Nick Romanak, Clifton HS

News from the Treasurer:
All coaches should contact their athletic director or county representative to become a member of the PCCA. In order to seed the tournament, nominate, vote for all-county athletes, and be eligible for coach of the year, you must be a member. Remember, the county card admits you to all county games and should be carried with you at all times.

Coaches’ Directory:
All Athletic Directors are reminded to send updated directory information to Bill Vacca at vaccawilliam@msn.com

General Membership Events:
  *Wednesday, October 7th at the Brownstone - Athletic Director/Coach of the Year
  *Wednesday, December 2nd at Brownstone – Service & Life Members Awards
  *Wednesday, March 16th at the Brownstone - Honor & Victories Awards Night
  Monday, June 13th at the Tides – Girls’ All-County Awards Dinner @ 7:00 PM
  Tuesday, June 14th at the Tides – Boys’ All-County Awards Dinner @ 7:00 PM
 *Reminder: Dinners will begin promptly at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted

Athletic Director Meetings:
 Friday, September 18th with Office Staff
 Friday, January 15th with Athletic Trainers
 Thursday, May 26th
 All meetings will be held at the Brownstone at 10 AM

Spring Sports Champions:
  Baseball – Wayne Valley HS
  Golf – Wayne Hills HS
  Lacrosse (Boys) – DePaul HS
  Lacrosse (Girls) – Wayne Hills HS
  Softball – DePaul HS
  Tennis (Boys) – Wayne Hills HS
  Track (Boys) – Passaic County Technical Institute
  Track (Girls) – Passaic County Technical Institute
  Volleyball (Boys) – Wayne Valley HS 

Fall Tournament Dates:
  Cross Country Invitational - Saturday, September 26th at Garret Mt.
  Cross Country - Friday, Oct. 23rd at Garret Mountain 
  Field Hockey - Friday, Oct. 16th at Wayne Hills
  Gymnastics – Wednesday, October 21st at West Milford
  Soccer (Boys) - Saturday, Oct. 17th at Clifton (semi-finals)  
  Saturday, Oct. 24th at Clifton (finals)
  Soccer (Girls) - Saturday, Oct. 17th at Wayne Valley (semi-finals)
  Saturday, Oct. 24th at Clifton (finals)
  Tennis (Girls) - Tuesday, September 29th at Wayne Recreation  
  Wednesday, September 30th at Wayne Recreation 
  Volleyball -        Wednesday, October 21st at Lakeland (semi-finals)
  Saturday, October 24th at Clifton (finals)

County Cards:
Please remind your coaches, administrators and support staff that if they attend a Passaic County Coaches Association Tournament game as a spectator, they should have their Passaic County Coaches Association Membership Card or expect to pay admission to the game. The Passaic County Coaches Association Membership Card is for the member and one guest. The card is non-transferable and does not guarantee admission to a sold out event.

The next deadline for the newsletter is December 15, 2015. Send all information to Sharon Hughes, at sharonhughes13@optonline.net   
Have a great autumn.

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